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Manage Administrator Users

  1. Log into the Control Panel, and access the My Account option from the blue main menu bar.

  2. Click Users from the left-side navigation or from the main menu.
  3. Accounts shown on this Users screen are not the same as Exchange or SharePoint accounts, but are technical administrators for your accounts/services hosted at Apptix. These users—if given the role of “Account Administrator” —can add/change/delete end-user accounts in Exchange, SharePoint, etc. By default, the initial “administrator” for a customer account is based on the login ID used during the checkout process on initial signup of the Apptix service.

    The list of users for your account displays on the Users screen.

    • If a user defined at this level has left your company you can delete the user by clicking the checkbox next to the user and then the [Delete] button.

    • NOTE: You can also edit a user’s parameters (e.g., make the user an administrator) by clicking the user’s Login Name and accessing the edit screen. From the Edit screen, select the Roles tab and select “Account Administrator.”

  4. To add a new user, click the [Add New User] button.
  5. This starts a “Create staff member wizard,” which comprises five (5) steps for setting up the new user.

  6. Step 1 of 5: Select a resource for this user and click the [Next>>] button.
  7. Step 2 displays.

  8. Step 2 of 5: Enter the details for this user and click the [Next>>] button.
  9. Step 3 displays.

  10. Step 3 of 5: Select the nature of the subscriptions that this user can manage and click the [Next>>] button.
  11. Step 4 displays.

    NOTE: if you select the topmost “Allow management of all Account’s Subscriptions,” Step 4 is skipped and you are taken directly to Step 5 of 5.

  12. Step 4 of 5: Place a checkbox next to the subscription(s) that this user is allowed to manage and click the [Next>>] button.
  13. Step 5 displays.

  14. Step 5 of 5: The subscriptions assigned to this user now display.
  15. Click the [Finish] button to accept the settings for the user and complete the setup of this new user.

    NOTE: In order for this new user to have sufficient permissions in the Control Panel to become an Administrator who can add/change/delete users, you need to assign the “Account Administrator” role. The easiest way to do this is to select the hyperlink of the new user and update the user permissions via the Role tab.

  16. Click the User hyperlink under the Login Name column to select this user.
  17. The user details screen displays with the General tab on top by default.

  18. Click the Roles tab to view the roles assigned to this user.
  19. Click the [Add Element] button to add permissions to this user’s role.

    A list of roles displays.

  20. Check the box next to the Account Administrator role and then click the [Submit] button.
  21. You should receive a confirmation that the role was successfully added to the account.

    This new user now has the Administrator role with the ability to manage your account/services hosted with Apptix.

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have only one Account Administrator at a time in the system, you must create a new (second) admin account and assign the “Account Administrator” role to them before deleting the first account within “Users.” This prevents you from deleting the only admin account you have, and prevents you from being blocked from managing your system.

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