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Create a BlackBerry Service Account

  1. Log into the Control Panel.

    The Control Panel's main dashboard displays:

  2. Select Mailboxes from the Exchange section of the main dashboard.

    The Exchange dashboard displays:

  3. From the list of mailboxes, click the Display name of the mailbox for which you would like to create a BlackBerry Service account.

    The Mailbox Details for the selected mailbox display:

  4. On the Mailbox Details screen, click to access the Wireless Services tab:

  5. On the Wireless Services tab, click the [Create New Account] button.

    The Add New Account screen displays:

  6. You may accept the self-generated Enterprise Activation password or enter your own password. This is the password you will use when activating the BlackBerry device later in the activation process.

    You may also overwrite the default of 48 hours, which indicates the duration for which the activation password is valid. If the BlackBerry Activation process is not completed on the device within this timeframe, you must regenerate this BlackBerry sync information from the Control Panel.

    Typically, users accept all the default values on this screen - including the E-mail activation password (checkbox at the bottom) to the user's mailbox - so that they can perform the activation process on their own. If you are the technical administrator for your users/mailboxes and are performing the BlackBerry activation yourself, you may not want to send the activation email to the end-user.

  7. Click [Finish].

    The account is created and displays on the Wireless Services tab:


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