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Adjust Mailbox Size

  1. Log into the Control Panel.
The Apptix Control Panel’s main dashboard displays:

  1. Select the Mailboxes shortcut from the Exchange section of the main dashboard.

The Exchange dashboard displays:

  1. Select the mailbox in the list for which you wish to adjust the mailbox size by clicking the appropriate Display name.

The Mailbox Details for the selected mailbox display:

  1. Select the Limits tab:

Notice the Mailbox Size fields in the top half of the screen.

  1. On the Limits tab, click the [Edit] button to access editable mailbox size information:

  1. Change the Mailbox Size limits as necessary:
  • Issue warning at: When the mailbox reaches this size, the system notification warning email is sent to the user to indicate that the mailbox is approaching its capacity prior to being locked down.  For a typical 5 GB mailbox, we advise setting this value at 500 MB less than the actual size of the mailbox in order to provide adequate warning for the mailbox size to be adjusted.
  • Prohibit send at: We advise admins to set this value to 250 MB less than the actual mailbox size.  When this limit is reached, the user will no longer be able to send email, though if the mailbox still has capacity the user will continue to receive email.  This limit is utilized for users who routinely send large attachments in order to avoid accidently locking down the mailbox due to sending a large email when nearing mailbox capacity.
  • Size limit: This represents the actual capacity of the mailbox.  Base the other two inputs above upon the value set here as the mailbox capacity.
  1. Click [Submit] when finished.
Changes display on the Limits tab.
  1. You may click the [Update Size] button to refresh the Mailbox Size information.

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