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Configure Email Forwarding


  1. Log into the Control Panel, and access Exchange | Mailboxes from the left-side navigation or main menu links.


  2. From the list of mailboxes created under your account, select the mailbox to which you would like to define a forwarding email address by clicking the hyper-link under the Display name column.

    The user/mailbox details screen for the selected email address displays (see example below).

  3. Click the Forwarding tab.
  4. To enable forwarding, click the [Enable object] button.

    The screen changes to enable you to select the email address to which you would like to forward your messages.

  5. In the E-mail address input box, type the email address to which you would like to forward your messages.

    If you wish to leave a copy of your email messages in your Apptix mailbox (in addition to the copy being forwarded), click the checkbox next to Leave copy of messages.

  6. Once you have defined the forwarding email address, click the [Submit] button.

    If you do not click the Leave copy of messages checkbox, email will be forwarded to your external email address without saving a copy in your Apptix mailbox.


    A confirmation screen displays the forwarding parameters submitted.

  7. From the confirmation screen you can click the [Disable object] button to cancel the forwarding or click the [Change] button to edit the forwarding email address defined.
NOTE: To forward to multiple email addresses, create a Distribution List and use the Distribution List email address as the email forwarding property.


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