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Active Directory Management

Apptix Active Directory Management (AD Management) is the most advanced ID and access management solution available, allowing hosted service directories to be managed centrally through the existing local AD. It offers batched transaction and audit reports, lowers administration costs, improves employee productivity, and reduces risk.

Key Benefits of Active Directory Management

  • Time-saving single solution for managing account permissions and User IDs across multiple applications
  • Instant provisioning of new users and new services for true scalability
  • Enhanced end user-experience through automatic password synchronization
  • Easy maintenance and no investment in new servers with Cloud-based implementation

AD Management Features

  • Full Identity Management: User ID and passwords are centrally managed so that one interface ensures that users have access to the right information across multiple systems and applications.
  • Easy-to-use management interface: Centralized management has familiar appearance and straight-forward screens and prompts.
  • Unified Password: User passwords can be synchronized from AD to the applications, so users can access the applications with the same password they use to log in to Windows. Password policies can be enforced without the burden of supporting users who have trouble remembering several passwords for several programs. AD Management keeps sensitive password data protected even from administrators.
  • Application level integration: Automatic login and synchronization goes further than operating system and server logins, down to and including application level secure logins. This resolves end-to-end password administration issues.
  • User self-service: Capabilities in base product can be enabled or disabled via OU, Security Group or Individual level. Users can set their security settings just as they would in the application.
  • Monitoring and audit: Full AD transaction auditing and reporting offered.

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Apptix has been key to our strategy of outsourcing our IT requirements. By using hosted solutions, we have been able to expand our business into new markets without an increased load on our IT support. Apptix is cost-effective and reliable, and I look forward to many more years of service!
Greg DeWitt Managing Attorney DeWitt Law

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