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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

Up to 40% of workers use their personal devices to access business applications and resources. Apptix Mobile Device Manager helps you keep track and keep control of who is viewing your data and how they are doing it.

The Pros and Cons of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model

Allowing employees to use their own devices to do their work has a number of advantages.

  • Cost savings – BYOD can the company from the hassle and expense of selecting and managing a telecom plan and from purchasing, maintaining, and replacing devices.
  • Employee productivity – In the office or on the road, employees can maximize performance on devices that they find comfortable.
  • Streamlined telecom support – Users turn to their own device or plan providers for support rather than your internal IT.
  • Recruitment – Employers embracing the latest trends in enterprise technology, such as BYOD, are more likely to attract top talent.

On the other hand, BYOD opens organizations up to a number of challenges. These issues can be related to the device itself, the applications, or the content.

  • Employers no longer own the devices, so they cede control over functionality and security
  • Will employees resist bearing some of the cost of business technology?
  • How do you separate corporate from personal data if the person leaves the organization?
  • How do you limit your liability?
    • Data can be stolen from your device at insecure Internet hotspots
    • Information is more likely to be hacked
    • Applications may be used for both work and personal activities
    • Programs may not be considered secure by corporate standards

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The concept behind the "cloud" (a metaphor for the Internet) is simple: remote computing resources like application servers, networks and storage systems can be accessed via the Internet or from private networks. A company can set up and configure a customized computing environment – such as an email or collaboration system – for one user or a thousand easily and quickly.
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Apptix has been key to our strategy of outsourcing our IT requirements. By using hosted solutions, we have been able to expand our business into new markets without an increased load on our IT support. Apptix is cost-effective and reliable, and I look forward to many more years of service!
Greg DeWitt Managing Attorney DeWitt Law

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