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Apptix Voice CPNI Privacy Policy

Effective Date: January 1, 2008

Apptix understands that our customers value their privacy. For that reason, protecting the confidentiality of your personal information is a very high priority for the Company. Under Federal law, you have the right to privacy and protection of your Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). CPNI consists of certain specific types of information which telecommunications companies obtain about their customers through the provision of service. CPNI is any kind of “information that relates to the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location or amount of use of a telecommunications service” that a telecommunications service provider has access to only because of your relationship with the company. CPNI may also include information contained on customer bills for telecommunications services.

To fully protect the above information, Apptix complies with the Federal Communications Commission’s rules governing the protection and confidentiality of CPNI. Those rules allow telecommunications service providers to use CPNI for a limited number of marketing purposes, and for additional marketing purposes if you consent to such use. It is the official policy of Apptix, however, not to use your personal information for marketing purposes. Indeed, Apptix extends the protection of your CPNI beyond the level of protection required by the FCC’s rules. Apptix uses your CPNI only for the purpose of accurately billing you for usage-based services and as necessary to assist you in the resolution of any service issues or questions you may have about your service. Under certain circumstances, Apptix may also be required to reveal some of your personal information in order to protect your safety or to provide reports to state or federal agencies. If so, Apptix will take such steps as are available to the Company to limit the disclosure of your personal information, as appropriate.

Apptix does not disclose your personal information to agents, affiliates, joint venture partners, independent contractors or any other third parties that are not affiliated or associated with the Company. Like many other telecommunications companies, Apptix may occasionally use contractors or other companies to perform business functions (for example, issuing bills for services provided to you or installing service components). Apptix does not allow any entity to perform such services, however, until the entity has contractually bound itself to protect your personal information to the very same degree that Apptix itself does.

To further ensure the confidentiality of your personal information, all Apptix employees who must use your personal information in the course of providing your service receive specific training on CPNI, the safeguards enacted by Apptix to protect your personal information, and the Company’s policies and procedures for ensuring the confidentiality of your personal information. Apptix’s commitment to maintaining your confidentiality is company-wide. CPNI training is available to any employee who wishes to participate, even for employees who will not have access to any customer personal information. And all Apptix employees know that a failure to follow the Company’s CPNI rules and regulations will result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Apptix values its relationship with each of its customers and has taken the above steps in order to ensure that the personal information you provide us will remain confidential and protected. Please review this CPNI Privacy Policy from time to time. Apptix will update this document periodically to reflect any changes to the Policy adopted by the Company, or any modifications that may be required by changes in existing law. Whenever possible, Apptix will post the revised information on this page at least thirty (30) days before the change in policy takes effect.

If you have any questions concerning the CPNI Privacy Policy of Apptix, or the measures the Company employs to protect the confidentiality of your personal information, please contact Apptix at: 866.688.0127.

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