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Financial institutions must have the ability to store, retrieve, and analyze sensitive transactional and customer data in order to comply with regulatory requirements. At the same time, you must reduce costs and manage risk in order to achieve business success. The choice of communication and collaboration solutions is crucial both to ensure SEC and FINRA compliance and to make your business more efficient and productive.

Apptix enables financial organizations to operate cost-effectively while implementing the transparency, storage, collaboration, and mobility features that help you meet regulatory compliance requirements, including SEC certified email archiving. Scalable to support small investment firms through to multi-national banking corporations, Apptix’s enterprise-class hosted solutions are trusted throughout the industry, serving commercial and investment banks, brokerages, and insurance firms.

Apptix Compliant Financial Communication Solution:

With Apptix hosted solutions, you can:

Safeguard Data

Protecting your clients’ financial information is a top priority, both for achieving SEC and FINRA compliance and for ensuring customer satisfaction. Apptix’s Email Encryption and anti-spam/anti-virus services protect the privacy and integrity of information during transit and storage, while SEC and FINRA compliant email archiving stores data in a way that is both secure and searchable. Apptix’s email servers are located in secure, 24-hour monitored data centers with redundant infrastructure to ensure the physical and virtual safety of your communications data from natural or man-made disasters.

Work Together

Apptix’s collaboration offerings include web conferencing and secure Instant Messaging capabilities for private, secure conversations with customers or among colleagues. Our Hosted SharePoint collaboration tool enables secure, permissions-based sharing of financial records, strategic plans, account information, and internal workflows.

Communicate Anywhere

Streamlined communications make business more efficient. Apptix provides VoIP telephony services to reduce calling costs and eliminate upfront investments in telephone equipment. Our email services include the option to synchronize your mailbox with your mobile device - and Apptix email from any device can be stored for SEC and FINRA. Apptix services are backed by an industry-leading service level agreement (SLA), keeping you in touch with customers, regulators, and other business contacts.

Guarantee Compliance

Apptix solutions empower you to comply with government regulations for creating, securing, and maintaining accessible, auditable records regarding financial communications. From SEC and FINRA compliance to NASD and SOX regulations, Apptix understands the specific requirements facing different segments of the financial industry and can tailor a communication and collaboration solution to fit your needs.

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The concept behind the "cloud" (a metaphor for the Internet) is simple: remote computing resources like application servers, networks and storage systems can be accessed via the Internet or from private networks. A company can set up and configure a customized computing environment – such as an email or collaboration system – for one user or a thousand easily and quickly.
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“Apptix has been key to our strategy of outsourcing our IT requirements. By using hosted solutions, we have been able to expand our business into new markets without an increased load on our IT support. Apptix is cost-effective and reliable, and I look forward to many more years of service!”
Greg DeWitt Managing Attorney DeWitt Law

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