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Communication Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare providers and medical suppliers face market pressure to achieve both operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. When making technology investments, you must balance cost and ease of use with quality of care. Reliable communication and collaboration solutions are necessary to share information for the benefit of each patient. At the same time, these solutions must also be secure to protect patient privacy and comply with HIPAA email archiving regulations and other legal guidelines.

Apptix provides enterprise-class hosted communications and collaboration solutions to medical service providers of all sizes. From individual provider offices to multi-hospital healthcare systems, Apptix has reliable solutions tailored to fit healthcare email archiving, security, collaboration, and communication requirements.

Apptix HIPAA Compliant Communication Solution includes:

With Apptix hosted solutions, you can:

Ensure Compliance

Apptix Email Archiving solutions meet the specified HIPAA Security Rule guidelines for access control, integrity, and transmission security when it comes to patient communications. In addition, our compliant email system may also be considered a “meaningful use” of technology that qualifies providers for incentives under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Provide Security

Apptix is committed to the security of your patient communications. Encryption and anti-spam/anti-virus services protect the privacy and integrity of the information during transit and storage. Content control functionality provides data leak prevention. Healthcare email archiving and other messaging information is stored in Apptix’s secure, 24-hour monitored data centers with redundant infrastructure to ensure the physical and virtual safety of your communications data.

Improve Collaboration

Apptix’s collaboration offerings include web conferencing and secure Instant Messaging capabilities for private, secure conversations between a patient and a doctor in different locations, or among specialists working together on a case. Our Hosted SharePoint collaboration tool enables secure, permissions-based sharing of patient records, lab reports, and digital diagnostic images such as MRIs, x-rays, and CT scans as well as discussion forums and workflows.

Simplify Communication

Patient care is improved when physicians are easy to reach. VoIP telephony services from Apptix reduce calling costs and eliminate upfront investments in telephone equipment. Our range of email services promotes connectivity with the option to synchronize your mailbox with your mobile device or web client. Apptix services are backed by an industry-leading service level agreement (SLA), ensuring that you stay in contact with patients, partners, and other business contacts.

Apptix: Health Community Cloud Automation partner

Apptix is the North America hosted solutions provider for the Health Community Cloud Automation (HCCA) partnership. The HCCA is an effort initiated by Microsoft and its partner Parallels to offer a complete cloud automation solution for the healthcare industry. HCCA solutions allow large healthcare institutions to create private, public, and hybrid cloud networks that enable immediate access to critical information by key stakeholders at all times.

Apptix allows health organizations using HCCA for messaging and collaboration services to experience significant savings while lowering support costs and improving agility and user experience.

Featured Whitepaper: Hosted Microsoft® Exchange for Healthcare – The Advantage of Cloud-based Service

Email is an increasingly critical part of daily activities within a healthcare organization; it streamlines collaboration and accommodates the communication style that many patients prefer. At the same time, privacy and security compliance must be guaranteed. Cloud-based Microsoft Exchange service features all of the mission-critical communication and collaboration capabilities of an in-house email solution without the costs and management headaches – so you can stay focused on delivering quality care.
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“Apptix Secure Mail was ideal for a company like ours. It fit our budget. It’s simple to use and affordable.”
Frank Dellé Director of Systems ClearBenefits, Inc.

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