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SharePoint Web Parts

SharePoint Web Parts can help you to develop your SharePoint site in quick, simple steps. You can combine information, build applications and menus, and enhance views without the need to develop additional code. Enhance your SharePoint experience and help your team achieve their goals.

Team Collaboration Pack

Alerts Plus

Allows SharePoint Content Administrators to schedule and customize e-mail based alerts and define the alert frequency, what list item criteria should generate alerts, and the content of the e-mail notification.

  • Schedule alerts through a list-based, user-friendly interface
  • Set alerts on lists with date or choice fields
  • Send an alert when an item is deleted or column data is changed
  • Generate e-mail alerts based on conditional criteria from list fields using SMTP mail server
  • Create flexible alert conditions 
Chart Plus

Lets you quickly summarize your data by choosing the data source, the appropriate view, and a chart template.

  • Select from multiple data source types, including SharePoint Lists and SQL Server Database tables
  • Display multiple series data in a single chart
  • Display columns of ungrouped data by Average, Count, Percent, or Sum
  • Select from standard Chart templates for quick formatting
Column Level Security

Restricts access to a column’s data by encrypting it for all but authorized users or groups.

  • Stores and encrypts text, numeric, or currency information
  • Restricts read/edit access to specified users and groups
KPI Column

Calculates status based on user-provided progress definitions, displays the results, and allows you to view the status of a variety of projects and tasks from a single location.

  • Create your own ranges, terms, and logic, or adjust values
  • Determine and reference the Sum or Average of all items in a list column
  • Automatically calculate results, and display one of 3 indicators (good, bad, or neutral). Show actual and target values
  • Use the total number of items in a column, the sum of those items, their average, the min or max value, or even the percentage of items out of the total
List Rollup

Selects multiple lists or libraries and views for filtering and formatting.

  • Rollup Lists, Document Libraries, Image Libraries, and Shared Documents from multiple sites
  • Auto-discover new lists to add to the rolled up Data View
  • Filter lists before they are rolled up and automatically format common columns in the rolled up Data View using a Master List
  • Include the Item Location in the rolled up view to identify which site and/or list the item is rolled up from
Rich Text

Supports full rich text formatting, including fonts, colors, alignment, tables, text styles, bulleted/numbered lists, images, and many other features.

  • Enables fully formatted text to be entered, edited, and saved
  • Provides a comprehensive in-line text editor with formatting tools
  • Built in spell-check, word count, find/replace, and print tools
  • Multi-level one-click undo and redo

Provides enhanced lookup columns, allowing you to create dependent relationships between two or more columns located on another list (even one from another site).

  • Automatically updates lookup values as the source list data is changed
  • Removes duplicate entries
  • Allows easy location of individual values from a list
  • Can reference lists located outside of the current site
Team Calendar

Allows users to display calendar information from both Microsoft Exchange 2007 and SharePoint side-by-side for efficient team scheduling.

  • Display Calendars, Appointments, and Meetings from different users, individually or overlapped
  • Create new meetings and appointments
  • Works in one of three modes: Exchange, SharePoint List, or Exchange and SP List
Validator Column

Allows you to validate column data and ensure that it matches predefined or custom formats, ranges, and structures. It also allows you to construct your own error messages.

  • Pattern comparison based on common, predefined logic (phone numbers, postal codes), or custom validation rules
  • Custom error message creation, to make entering valid data easy
  • Value and column comparison that requires new data to match a preset value
  • A new custom column that validates data as it is entered, and prevents invalid data from being added
Visual Indicator

Displays list data graphically, using a color indicator and a percent bar.

  • Displays any choice or lookup column values as a colored bar
  • Displays percentage values along with a filled percent bar

Site Builder Pack

Calendar Plus

Expands SharePoint’s standard calendar functions by allowing changes to list views, colors, calendar items, and more.

  • Select the data source for your calendar
  • View calendar items by year, day, week, work week, quarter, task, Gantt, or month
  • Color code calendar items
  • Resize the calendar within a page, or specify pixel size
Data Viewer

Displays list, SQL table/view, List Rollup, or other external data within a Web Part without using SharePoint Designer. You can customize the look and feel,and allow users to group, filter, sort, or export items to Microsoft Excel.

Display external data within a Web Part:
  • Excel exporting
  • Drag-and-drop dynamic grouping of data
  • Inline, multi-level filtering of the data on the entire data set
List Search - Advanced

Enables easy creation of an advanced search interface.

  • Select the list or list rollup data view to search
  • Choose the fields to provide as search criteria
  • Combine the criteria fields using AND and OR operators
  • Allow criteria to be grouped to control the order of the search operation
SharePoint Navigators

Creates menus, tabs, or tree structures on any page.

  • Automatically define your navigation structure
  • Display your customized menu, tab strip, or tree view
  • Link to any SharePoint list, library, discussion board, etc.
  • Restrict access to authorized users through SharePoint security features
SharePoint Poll

Quickly creates polls and manages the data.

  • Create and edit poll questions and answers
  • Allow anonymous voting and multiple answers/li>
  • Automatically redirect voters after voting
  • View poll voting responses and export them to Microsoft Excel
  • Display poll results in a bar graph or pie chart along with the number of votes, percentage of votes, or both
Site Creation Plus

Simplifies the creation of sites.

  • Allows the system administrator to select a Site Template to be used for the new site. All sites created through an instance of the Web Part create the same type of site
  • Links list selection lets information about the new list to be added automatically
  • Simplifies the end-user's job by minimizing the information/choices that must be made during site creation
Tree View

Enables browsing of SharePoint lists and document libraries to find and sort items easily.

  • Select a SharePoint List, Document Library, Picture Library, or Discussion Board to display list items and folder structure in a tree view
  • Navigate all sites in the site collection or just the sites under the current site
  • Fully functioning List, Library, and Discussion Board toolbar menus available
  • Automatically sort Discussion Board posts by Name or Last Modified Date
Virtual Map View

Geographically displays information across a world map view to quickly and effectively summarize your data.

  • Display data in a city, country, continent, or region
  • Show demographic data such as sales, distribution, customers, or other statistical data
  • User configurable marker information in pop-up, tabbed format
  • Automatically displays the "best view" of all your data points 
World Clock & Weather

Displays local time and weather for selected major cities around the globe.

  • Show weather, date, and time – for all of your office locations
  • Choose Celsius and/or Fahrenheit
  • Choose clock style

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