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Apptix Desktop Backup by Mozy is a business-class data backup solution that gives you a simple and safe way to protect your company’s important data. Set it up once and you will never have to think about safeguarding your information again. Apptix Desktop Backup is automatic and easy to use, and keeps your information secure in the cloud, ready to be restored when you need it – wherever you are.

Why Backup?

  • More than 140,000 hard drives crash each week – Gartner
  • 25% of all PC users suffer data loss each year – Gartner
  • Data loss will cost businesses $12 billion this year – CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey
  • 10MB of data is worth approximately $10,000 – University of Texas Security Report
  • 50% of tape backups fail to restore backed-up files – Gartner

Apptix Backup Key Benefits

  • Protects your business from data loss
  • Securely encrypts all data so that only you have access to your business information
  • Stores all information in off-site datacenters that are SAS70 and ISO 27001 certified – your information has never been more secure
  • Choose from a variety of backup options to save time and bandwidth
  • Gets you up and running in a manner of minutes, so you can rest easy knowing you can access your data any time
  • Supports scheduled and automatic backups, so your information is stored on a schedule you determine
  • Restores your deleted or corrupted data from the cloud to the same machine or to a new machine seamlessly

Standard Features

  • Easy-to-use client that backs up information in the background
  • Maximum security includes strict security policies, military-grade encryption, and world-class data centers for optimal data protection for your business computers and servers
  • Easily accessible administration console allowing one person to manage the backups for your entire organization from any Internet connection
  • 30 days of file version availability, so you can restore files deleted or changed within the past month
  • Easy storage allocation with a pooled amount of GBs that can be distributed across the organization
  • Access to data anytime, anywhere through the Desktop Backup Mobile Client

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IT departments typically configure user PCs so all work files are stored on network drives. But most users circumvent this approach, storing many files on their hard drives. As a result, data is frequently residing on local drives, where it is not backed up resulting in exposure to regulatory and legal risks, lost user productivity, and financial loss. Learn how to avoid these issues and more with a hosted backup solution.
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“For us, the value is off the charts. It’s one thing to have a bunch of bells and whistles. With Apptix, we have functional, useable tools that make core business functions more effective. ”
Quentin Krengel President Krengel Technologies

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