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Policy Based Encryption Gateway

Policy Based Encryption Gateway Add Ons

    The Apptix Policy-Based Encryption Gateway automatically encrypts specific emails based on user-defined policy – that is, a set of rules designed to analyze all email, and encrypt any email that matches the pre-defined conditions. This cloud-based boundary encryption service resides on the Apptix server and does not require a client, or any user interaction to ensure the data is encrypted to the correct recipient. It simply and cost-effectively protects business data and helps to ensure regulatory compliance.

    Key Benefits

    • Automatic enforcement of company policies based on customizable rules
    • Helps organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements for private and secure communications
    • Centralized control of corporate email policies
    • Protection against liabilities associated with privacy and security
    • Improves employee productivity by eliminating manual work-arounds for sending secure data

    Standard Features

    • Enables sending and receiving of secure, encrypted email
    • Re-directs and prevents confidential email from being distributed to the wrong people
    • Enables organizations to audit employee usage and make changes
    • Supports industry standard encryption
    • Allows encrypted messages to be digitally signed and validated for compliance purposes
    • Hides encryption complexities from the end user ensuring ease of use

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    Apptix has been key to our strategy of outsourcing our IT requirements. By using hosted solutions, we have been able to expand our business into new markets without an increased load on our IT support. Apptix is cost-effective and reliable, and I look forward to many more years of service!
    Greg DeWitt Managing Attorney DeWitt Law

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