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Mobile Exchange Email for iPhone

iPhone Add Ons

    With Apptix’s Mobile Exchange Email for iPhone service, your iPhone has instant, synchronized access to your Apptix Hosted Exchange email, calendars, and contacts—anytime, anywhere. Compose, send, receive, and reply to email wherever you are, and have all of your messages delivered instantly. Updating your Outlook calendars, contacts, and email remotely has never been faster—or more reliable.

    Key Benefits

    • Full integration with Hosted Exchange Email from Apptix
    • Ability to receive, reply, and view attachments through Outlook
    • Integrated calendar functionality
    • Instantly synchronized email, calendars, tasks, and contacts

    Standard Features

    • Emails pushed directly to your iPhone
    • HTML message support
    • Attachment viewing
    • Remote mailbox searching
    • Memory wiping to protect data in case of loss or theft
    • 128-bit SSL encryption


    •  iPhone enabled with internet access
    • Apptix Hosted Email Exchange service with ActiveSync option


    Apptix Mobile Exchange Email for iPhone  is available as an add-on to your Apptix Exchange Email Hosting.


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    "Now all I need to do business is my mobile device; I don’t need to worry about wasting precious time to synch with my desktop. Instead, I conduct business on-the-fly and am assured my data is secure and immediately synched back at the office. Thanks to Apptix, I truly have a mobile office… an important value proposition to surviving in today’s volatile economy."
    Saul Greenberger President PharmScript

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