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Hosted Business Communications Solutions


Reliable, Relevant and Easy to Use Business Communications

Imagine the value of having enterprise-class communications tools, delivered through the cloud, regardless of the size of your organization – and without the hassle or expense of maintaining in-house infrastructure. Apptix’s Hosted Business Communications Solutions include the following options to enhance productivity and integrate your communications:

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Microsoft® Exchange from Apptix gives you industry-leading email service with advanced calendaring, task, and contact capabilities. Scalable to fit your business regardless of size, it is a powerful tool for communication and collaboration.

Learn more about our Hosted Exchange solutions Hosted Exchange

Office 365

Choose Microsoft Office 365 from Apptix. Make your business more productive and more innovative with the latest Office applications including Word and Excel along with business-class email, online meeting capability, and file sharing. This cloud-based system offers best-of-breed security plus anytime, anywhere access for users on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs.

Learn more about our Office 365 solutions Office 365


Get instant access to email, calendar, and task lists – anywhere. Mobile Email from Apptix seamlessly integrates your mobile device with your Apptix Hosted Exchange services, so your productivity isn’t tied to your desktop. 

Learn more about our Mobile solutions Mobile

Hosted Business Voice

Apptix Voice over IP (VoIP) is an affordable business phone service leveraging the power of the internet. It provides a seamless, interconnected voice service across all your locations, without a large upfront investment in new equipment. Learn more about our Hosted Business Voice solutions Hosted Business Voice

Hosted Fax

Free yourself from outdated fax equipment with Hosted Fax from Apptix. Through the power of the Cloud, you can send or receive faxes anywhere that you can access email. Learn more about our Hosted Fax solutions Hosted Fax

Lync™ Secure IM

Apptix leverages Microsoft® Lync™ Secure Instant Messaging to promote efficiency and productivity without the security risks of open IM services.

Learn more about our Lync™ Secure IM solutions Lync™ Secure IM

Unified Communications

Apptix Unified Communications provides all the communications and collaboration tools business users need in an affordable, easy-to-deploy solution. Apptix has integrated our hosted email, voice, instant messaging, Web conferencing, collaboration, and mobility services for a complete Unified Communications package. Scalable, secure, and easy to manage, Apptix Unified Communications brings complete connectivity to organizations of any size at a fraction of traditional system costs.

Learn more about our Unified Communications solutions Unified Communications

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