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How can the cloud improve your information security?

7/26/2016 5:36:27 PM

"Information security" is a phrase on everyone's minds thanks to the growing amount of data that has to be collected and organized by businesses in every industry. According to VCloudNews, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, and all of that information has to go somewhere. It's for this reason that companies should – and do – invest in secure storage solutions.

In addition, it's becoming even more important that the "secure" part of the phrase "secure storage solution" is adequate. The cost of a data breach continues to go up. The latest estimation from the Ponemon Institute is that the average consolidated cost of an intrusion is $4 million, up from $3.8 million in 2015. With the price continuing to rise, it's going to be critical for companies to make sure their data and networks are as secure as possible – so what's the answer?

Security in the cloud: What's the big deal?

The Cloud Security Alliance recently reported that data breaches are the number-one threat to cloud environments. However, cloud providers are keen to keep their customers' data safe, so they implement security protocols and tools to help in that regard. It's a common belief that the cloud is inherently less secure than on-premises environments because it's in the hands of an outside provider. However, the opposite is more than likely the case. Because cloud companies are responsible for their customers' information, they are more likely to invest in the best protections possible for their networks.

A report compiled by the Cloud Standards Customer Council noted that there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to the cloud, especially when it comes to maintaining a secure environment.

"As part of the transition to cloud computing, it is critical that cloud service customers understand the risks associated with using cloud services and their own level of risk tolerance, and then focus on mitigating the risks that the organization cannot afford to discount," the report stated.

In other words, companies need to take the risks associated with cloud computing – and with keeping their data on-premises – into account before making the migration to the virtual world.

Before you press the "enter" key on cloud computing, there are many things to consider.Before you press the "enter" key on cloud computing, there are many things to consider.

Cloud providers understand the importance of security

The market for cloud security continues to grow, as well. By 2019, according to Markets and Markets, the cloud security vertical will be worth $8.71 billion, meaning companies are investing more in security tools that will help them keep their environments protected from outside entities looking to steal their data and wreak havoc on their networks.

According to Tech Republic contributor Conner Forrest, security was one of the top initiatives in 2015 for cloud providers, and the projected market growth is a clear indication of the usefulness of these kinds of tools. In fact, 36 percent of IT executives ranked security as their number-one initiative last year. This all goes to show that companies have a clear need for improved network protections, and they're committed to investing in the solutions that will help them achieve that goal.

"Partner with a cloud provider that can meet all of your needs."

Improve security in the cloud

How does the cloud improve your security? Here are a few tips on how to make sure you're getting the most out of your deployments without sacrificing quality:

  1. Ensure your SLAs are well-established.
  2. Enforce privacy policies.
  3. Make sure your provider is compliant with general security protocols.
  4. Have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

In addition, it's important to partner with a cloud provider that can meet all of your needs. This might seem like an obvious requirement, but companies should still vet their partners and make sure they remain compliant with industry best practices.

The answer? Managed services

No matter what your IT infrastructure needs are, partnering with a managed services provider can help you make sure your data and applications remain out of the hands of potential criminals. The professionals at Apptix know how to keep your data safe from harm. We can perform a technology assessment and give you the ability to augment your information security policies and applications.

Get in touch with the cloud security experts at Apptix today for more information about how our Azure deployments can add security and flexibility to your IT infrastructure.

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