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Microsoft cloud solutions deliver low TCO

5/6/2015 9:50:44 AM

Microsoft remains among the cloud industry's leading vendors, not just in terms of the company's solutions - Azure and Office 365 come to mind - but also in terms of total cost of ownership. 451 Research's latest Cloud Price Index: Private Edition compared Microsoft, VMware and Red Hat with OpenStack offerings.

The research firm indicated the cost of OpenStack private clouds is $0.08 per virtual machine hour, compared to Microsoft, Red Hat and VMware which are each near $0.10 per hour. However, the report noted the scarcity of skills associated with OpenStack contributes to higher TCO, as firms relying on the other vendors can hire 3 percent more engineers to manage their cloud suites.

William Fellows, vice president of 451 Research, said the cloud price report is effective at educating potential cloud customers by determining expenditures associated with managing cloud-based applications and workloads.

"For the first time, buyers have access to an accurate, independent indicator of the price they can expect to pay for real-world cloud use and determine whether suppliers are charging a tax or providing a dividend versus the market rate," Fellows added.

Finance and cloud computing go hand in hand
With the pricing of cloud computing solutions such as Microsoft products in order, the next focus for finance departments should be how to use hosted environments to their advantage. CGMA Magazine's Chris Hall detailed the financial advantages of cloud services, asserting organizations can leverage analytics, reporting and planning tools available through cost-effective pricing models when compared to older equipment.

"Microsoft cloud solutions offer a low TCO."

Some legacy systems have reached their end of life, hindering progress for tasks rather than promoting it. Hall noted some solutions simply lack the usability or flexibility necessary for completing projects - capabilities available through cloud services. Employees who have the right tools to perform their jobs will contribute to initiatives that are completed more often.

Finance teams also stand to benefit from the cloud's availability. Employees can view critical data through all types of Internet-connected devices. Hall added that departments can use analytics accessible through cloud suites to leverage this content.

Companies with the right partners can achieve smooth cloud deployments.Companies with the right partners can achieve smooth cloud deployments.

Adopt the cloud efficiently and securely
Organizations confident in cloud computing's TCO and financial benefits should turn their attention to achieving successful cloud deployments. Migrations require thorough planning and often third-party vendors that possess the necessary expertise and implementation systems that maintain efficiency during the entire process. Businesses cannot experience prolonged periods of downtime transitioning on-site equipment to hosted environments. Otherwise, operations stall and companies have unhappy customers on their hands.

Apptix helps clients achieve smooth and secure cloud migrations, ensuring organizations safeguard data to avoid exposure and subsequent compliance fines. Businesses interested in adopting Microsoft products specifically will have a service provider on their side that is a longtime Microsoft Gold Partner that has almost 20 years of cloud-related experience.

Companies that want to know how they can benefit from Apptix's cloud offerings and Microsoft partnership can learn more today.

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