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Cloud computing prices are dropping - now is the time to adopt

2/11/2015 11:48:54 AM

Cloud computing is becoming more affordable by the day. The industry's biggest players continue to reduce their prices to attract even more clients. Businesses that did not adopt the technology in 2014 may want to consider doing so in 2015 if this trend persists.

A recent 451 Research report suggested its Cloud Price Index declined more than 1.3 percent by the start of December 2014. This occurred due to aggressive price cuts by Google of up to 79 percent. Amazon Web Services reduced the cost of bandwidth by up to 43 percent.

"With all of the hype surrounding Google's cuts and AWS's restructuring, you could be fooled into thinking you might save a small fortune, but the CPI figures demonstrate that a typical application will only be cheaper by 1.5 percent compared with two months ago," explained 451 Research Senior Analyst Owen Rogers.

Although this seems like meager savings on the surface, Rogers asserted such price reductions equal 10 percent for an entire year.

Google's persistent cloud pricing reductions have been directly related to the tech giant's desire to stand head to head with the market's biggest brands, especially Amazon, 451 Research analysts suggested.

Cloud pricing is important, but it's not everything. Cloud pricing is important, but it's not everything.

Price is great, but not at the expense of functionality
Organizations that have yet to adopt cloud computing may focus too much on the cloud's pricing when planning an implementation. The cost of different services is undoubtedly a deciding factor between available solutions, but it should not be the most important. Functionality reigns supreme in the cloud industry.

TechTarget reported businesses are taking a different approach than just looking at the costs of cloud environments when launching applications. David Linthicum, senior vice president of Cloud Technology Partners, indicated companies just want reasonable prices for their clouds.

"Organizations that have yet to adopt cloud computing may focus too much on the cloud's pricing when planning an implementation."

This should not be difficult, given that Amazon, Google and Microsoft are all doing their part to be competitive in the market. TechTarget suggested firms are focusing on how services support their personal operating demands.

"Although the public cloud economics discussion often gets a lot of attention, it's really only a part of the overall value proposition - and not the most interesting part in any event," said John Treadway, senior vice president with Cloud Technology Partners, as quoted by TechTarget. 

Find the cloud that's right for your company
With some of the world's most recognizable brands offering affordable cloud services, prospective clients should find little trouble selecting cost-effective applications. Selecting the best possible fit for their unique firms, however, will take some added support. This is where Apptix, an application management software provider, enters the picture, assisting customers with all of their cloud needs.

Apptix helps organizations not only make informed decisions pertaining to which cloud applications will yield the best results, the service provider also makes sure every cloud environment is secure. Businesses interested in efficient and safeguarded cloud applications should contact Apptix today.

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