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Chief financial officers may need an extra push toward cloud computing

2/10/2015 11:17:53 AM

Plenty of executives already understand that cloud computing is a no-brainer solution for their organizations. Some, however, are not so bullish on the scalable technology. Chief financial officers in particular appear to need some extra motivation to get behind cloud environments, a recent TechWeekEurope report suggested.

The news source interviewed various industry professionals to determine how CFOs can warm up to using cloud computing - specifically hybrid models - at their companies.

Gordon Goff, strategist at Red Hat, explained hybrid clouds position CFOs and their employers in control of their own IT solutions and compliance guidelines. The technology also enables decision-makers and their organizations to outsource part of their IT departments while still maintaining on-premise equipment.

"A key requirement to keep in mind however is to take an open approach to hybrid computing whenever possible. This leaves the organization in control of their technology roadmap by maintaining the ability to move workloads between public clouds and internal IT infrastructure," Goff told the news provider.

CFOs should look at cloud's finances closely
One would think that if any decision-maker would understand the positives of cloud computing it would be the CFO. The service is highly scalable, so organizations can meet ever-changing workloads without exhausting physical resources. Companies only pay for what they consume, so there is no need to worry about never leveraging solutions to their full capacity.

Martin Warren, cloud solutions marketing manager at NetApp, noted hybrid clouds are ideal for data storage, enabling organizations to control data centers securely. These solutions are also affordable, since companies only pay for services they consume, easily signing up with new vendors or breaking older contracts to meet their changing operational requirements.

Zahl Limbuwala, CEO of Romonet, explained the most prevalent information any CFO wants to know about adopting hybrid clouds - or any solution - is whether the systems will save the employer money or deliver a long-term return on investment.

"If the IT department can present the comparative costs of an in-house, hybrid and pure cloud approach, it will find the CFO much easier to convince of the correct course of action," Limbuwala told TechWeekEurope.

CFOs are embracing cloud computing to achieve a competitive advantage. CFOs are embracing cloud computing to achieve a competitive advantage.

CFOs are warming up to cloud in impressive numbers
It seems CFOs who want to keep cloud computing at a distance are in the minority when it comes to procuring such services. Perhaps most interesting is that these executives are not as worried about the financial ramifications of the technology. A Canopy survey discovered three-quarters of CFOs are concerned their organizations will struggle to remain competitive if they are not equipped with cloud applications and infrastructure.

The study also found 70 percent of CFOs and CIOs believe their businesses will be uncompetitive in their markets soon, with more than 75 percent fearing this will occur at the end of 2015.

"It seems CFOs who want to keep cloud computing at a distance are in the minority when it comes to procuring such services."

Jacques Pommeraud, CEO of Canopy, noted digital IT, which includes cloud solutions, must be part of companies' makeup for businesses to gain market share and maximize revenue. This is especially the case for firms in hospitality, manufacturing and retail sectors.

"One of the keys to unlocking digital transformation is cloud computing. From the work we're doing with clients, we're seeing that it has the power to create revenue by making the customer journey effortless across any device, enables faster customer sign-ups so they'll spend sooner and support real-time analytics to make more accurate targeting decisions,"  Pommeraud said.

The most innovative organizations moving forward will be the ones that leverage cloud suites and analytics to their advantage, according to Pommeraud. These businesses will be in position to rely on these solutions to open new revenue opportunities. 

Now on to the deployment
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