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5 unsung benefits of cloud computing

8/10/2016 8:42:20 AM

Cloud users can attest: When you move your IT infrastructure to the virtual realm, a host of benefits follow. The cloud allows companies the flexibility to grow while providing support for a number of operational activities, increases productivity for the IT department and office employees, and enables organizations to collaborate more closely with partners in different locations – after all, they're all working from the same virtual repository, even if they can't look at each other face-to-face.

But these aren't the only advantages of migrating your data and applications to cloud environments. Let's take a look at some other key benefits of cloud computing:

1. Storage galore

Cloud storage is one of the best ways to take advantage of virtual environments, especially for industries with a high volume of data being generated on a daily basis, like health care. With more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created daily, it's going to be cumbersome if we have to store all of it in physical servers, especially as companies become more environmentally conscious.

As cloud-based storage doesn't rely on massive rooms of physical equipment, it's the more sustainable option, not to mention it's easy to utilize. The fact that cloud-based storage options require less capital expense certainly doesn't hurt, either.

2. Disaster recovery

While not exactly an unsung benefit, no discussion of cloud storage would be complete without mentioning cloud-based disaster recovery tools. By moving the majority of your data and applications to the cloud, your business can maintain a high level of business continuity in case of disaster – after all, if your company can operate from any specific geographic location and doesn't rely on in-house servers, employees can work remotely if your physical store is compromised. Thus, companies can create effective backup and DR strategies tailored to their specific needs.

"In the cloud, it's easier to perform accurate testing and deploy altogether higher-quality code."

3. Software development and DevOps support

When your software development operations take place in the cloud, it's easier to perform accurate testing and deploy altogether higher-quality code. These two benefits can also decrease the time it takes to get your product to market. TechTarget contributor Stephen J. Bigelow noted that continuous cloud app deployment supports agile development strategies and can create efficiency within the process.

There are a few specific tools that can streamline the development process. Cloud sandboxing, for instance, allows developers to create a production-like environment in which to test their projects without tying up critical resources for long periods of time.

4. Business tools

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management modules can offer key solutions for large and small organizations alike. Tech Advisory noted that cloud-based ERP tools can increase the performance of these activities and decrease operational costs, as opposed to an on-premises solution, which comes with a long list of requirements.

"An in-house ERP solution will require hardware to support it, along with knowledgeable staff to install and maintain it," the Tech Advisory article stated. "For small to medium businesses, this will likely entail new hires which won't come at a low cost."

5. Innovation right around the corner

Beyond anything else, the cloud is a technology that allows companies to be agile and move forward, just as the previous generations of tech tools that came before it. Businesses that adopt cloud computing and incorporate these virtual environments into their daily operations are better able to respond to market changes and be innovative where it counts.

"In cloud, you have much faster access to innovation than you could ever get in the on-premise world so customers can actually use much more effectively and easily what the vendor delivers," said David Ludlow, group vice president of HR line of business at SuccessFactors/SAP.

In other words, when it comes to getting the most out of your IT infrastructure and creating advantages that your business can tap into in the long term, the cloud is going to be the best bet. Innovation drives business success, and having the cloud in your corner can make a difference.

Cloud-based tools can help support innovative practices and can propel your business forward.Cloud-based tools can help support innovative practices and can propel your business forward.

The truth is: None of these benefits are "unsung." They are simply waiting for you to take advantage of them. No matter how you're using your cloud deployments, whether as disaster recovery tools or for support during your software development operations, it helps to have a certified partner by your side to help you manage your infrastructure. Managed services can give you the advantage you need by allowing your IT department to be more productive and innovative without having to worry about keeping everything running.

Get in touch with the managed services professionals today for more information about how the managed services experts at Apptix can help you leverage your cloud deployments for all of these benefits.

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