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Information Anytime: An Inside Look at SharePoint from Apptix

Apptix’s cloud-based SharePoint eases the challenges of sharing information between your work teams, partners, and customers. Securely access, deliver, and discuss information virtually with the click of a button, while collaborating more flexibly and effectively. Apptix offers SharePoint from two different cloud-environments – hosted (multi-tenant) or a dedicated (private).

Hosted SharePoint

Apptix Hosted SharePoint is a cost effective foundation for virtual collaboration within your organization. This platform enables discussion forums, document sharing, cross browser support, and more helping to make team work easily accessible. Hosted SharePoint:
  • Increases team productivity by allowing each user to upload information making it readily available for all of those in the group
  • Creates a better use for information, find what you need easily with convenient search options
  • Allows access your documents anywhere and anytime, with the ability to use SharePoint on numerous devices

Dedicated SharePoint

Apptix Dedicated SharePoint offers all of the features provided in the Hosted SharePoint along with other crucial additions. This platform allows a level of customization and control making it easier to maintain the solution in-house without the infrastructure or maintenance cost. Apptix offers three key different Dedicated SharePoint packages that include:
  • The ability to install 3rd party web parts, allowing you to add automated workflows and forms
  • Tools to completely customize your Dedicated SharePoint to your businesses unique qualities
  • The control to ensure each of your users has the appropriate level of access through permissions analysis

Choosing Your Dedicated SharePoint Package

Apptix offers three Dedicated SharePoint packages, including:
  1. SharePoint Foundation: This is the basic entry-level to SharePoint; it offers secure web-based collaboration. It can be used for organizing documents, coordinating schedules, and facilitating discussions through team work spaces, blogs, wikis, and document libraries.
  2. SharePoint Server Standard:  This business collaboration platform is useful for all kinds of content. While providing everything in the foundation, it allows organizations to manage content and business process while making it easy to find and share information across geographical boundaries. It also supports the creation of public internet sites and basic extranets.
  3. SharePoint Server Enterprise:  This is for organizations that need the full capabilities of SharePoint. It offers everything in the Foundation and Standard versions along with much more advanced tools to enable customization. 

Posted: 1/13/2015 12:24:23 PM

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