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The Partnership Pathway to the Cloud Posted: 11/18/2014 11:02:48 AM
It infrastructure has been disrupted forever and the transformative shift to hosted or cloud-based models of computing is well underway. While traditional computing models of managing infrastructure on-premise remains dominant, organizations increasingly use hosted services for website, email and application hosting. They offload these select workloads in the search for efficiency rather than keeping them on-premise and using up valuable internal IT resources to maintain them. Instead of outlaying large quantities of CAPEX and engaging in periodic IT refresh cycles, organizations are shifting to an OPEX model and paying on a monthly or even hourly basis.
Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Outlook 2013 Posted: 9/23/2014 8:41:31 AM
Microsoft's Outlook 2013 enhances the ability of the user to organize and correlate email messages more efficiently. Microsoft kept the best of Outlook 2010 and improved  several processes that needed refining. Outlook 2013's new uncluttered appearance works to amplify productivity. If you have worked with Microsoft products before, you know their functionality is similar and easy to pick up with a little practice. Organizing your mail is the toughest part of emailing. Outlook 2013 has features to help you design processes that will work with you for your daily emailing needs.
What do you do with your email once you have received it?  You may be restricted  on what you can do with email due to regulatory laws or company procedures and when you add in mobile device communications you have a whole new worry.  Email security services are widely available in the cloud but not all services are equal.  At Apptix you will find email archiving, mobile device management or MDM, and data encryption services.

The open nature of the Internet and the ease with which skilled hackers can access sensitive or confidential data makes it crucial for businesses to have strong network security plans in place at all times. This is particularly true as more companies begin transferring their data to cloud server systems, which present an increasing number of vulnerabilities for hackers to access.

Even if you wanted to, these days you couldn’t stop your employees from using their smartphones and tablets to do work. These days, mobile access makes employees more productive by allowing them to access the network and important software no matter where they go. This allows employees to apply solutions whenever the inspiration hits them, instead of having to wait until the morning. It also allows them to respond to customers and coworkers in a timely and comprehensive fashion even when traveling.
Shadow IT sounds sinister, like the dark side of IT, but in truth shadow IT often has good motives and at worst it is usually just misguided. Usually, shadow IT is the result of employees trying to do their job better, and using their initiative to solve problems that they perceive as important and neglected by the organization or by IT.
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