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While the first wave of cloud integration was driven by businesses' needs to reduce costs and increase efficiency, the next wave will focus on leveraging cloud services to expand company offerings and improve competitive positions.

Cloud Infrastructure – Doing More with Less Posted: 10/29/2015 9:58:51 AM
As you know, building a scalable, reliable, and maintainable cloud infrastructure for service providers can be increasingly difficult when you know you can’t take a single piece of that cloud infrastructure down for any length of time. You need to maintain nearly 100% uptime, saving any downtime for unexpected bugs in the applications you are running. And the infrastructure cannot contribute to that downtime.  
Mungo Homes, the largest privately owned home builder in the Southeast, was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Like many companies thrashing about in the ever-changing and always expensive technology world today, they turned to Apptix for help. They needed to find a way to increase mail storage, while transitioning away from their legacy Exchange 2003 server – and all the while keep tech spending within reason.
Comparing cloud service providers is no trivial task. There are hundreds of cloud service providers to choose from, all of which offer a confusing variety of services, security measures, and tiers of cost. And, for most businesses, moving to the cloud is no longer optional but a necessity – cloud services convey numerous benefits that simply cannot be obtained through traditional services. By drilling down to a few of your organization's essential needs, you can reliably compare service providers and find the best solution for your company's needs and budget. When choosing your next cloud provider, think: smart, simple, and secure. 
From hosted email services to VoIP telecommunications, the right technology can make or break your office productivity. The modern office runs on technology -- technology that must be maintained, upgraded, and analyzed to continue contributing to the business infrastructure. Is your technology working with you or against you?
If your business is involved in the medical, financial, or other related industries, it's very likely that there are specific security requirements that you need to follow to ensure regulatory compliance. From HIPAA email encryption to educating your employees regarding email security tips and protocols, a lack of regulatory compliance could lead to fines, penalties, and liability issues.
Many businesses today use email to transmit large volumes of data -- and that can represent a serious security vulnerability if employees are not properly advised and trained.
​The Apptix Private Cloud is an ActiveRoles Server (ARS) solution that exists within our Resource Forest – our dedicated Exchange environment. ARS is the most capable Active Directory (AD) management tool on the market, and Apptix leverages it in conjunction with a trust and a domain controller to deliver a robust hosted/managed Exchange and domain control environment. The many benefits of working with ARS include its familiar interface, the power of its built-in extensibility and security, and more…
Why Connect Your iPhone to BES12? Posted: 4/7/2015 9:31:09 AM

Two reasons, security and selection: Work Connect for BES12 creates a Secure Work Space on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) that can be managed with BlackBerry’s multi-OS enterprise mobility management platform. Apptix offers BES12 to customers for access to work email, calendars, and contacts on the go. Available summer 2015, BES12 with Apptix supports three types of activation on iPhones:

  1. Mobile Device Management Controls
  2. Work and Personal – User Privacy
  3. Work and Personal – Full Control
If your business will be migrating to Office 365, you'll need to choose the right partner. Experience, expertise, flexibility and support should all be considered.
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