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Apptix Managed Services expertly delivers workstation and network support, virtualization, disaster recovery, and migration services to mid-size and enterprise customers.

Our world class infrastructure and technology can help you tackle today's biggest IT challenges – security, managing your IT infrastructure, and keeping costs down.  

We've designed Apptix Managed Services offerings to ensure the highest level of data security, give you peace of mind when you migrate your important data, and relieve the burdens on your IT staff so they can focus on the challenges that generate revenue for your organization.

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“Businesses that understand the transformative power of cloud computing and make total modernization their main objective will likely enjoy a broader range of benefits given the versatility of these services.”

- Forbes, November 2015

Managed IT security services are expected to see exponential growth, rising from $6.7 billion in 2011 in annual revenues to $35.57 billion by 2021. Business leaders who want to improve cloud security in 2016 should consider leveraging managed services to do so.

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